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   Sophia Rucker (Other)
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   Martha Shouse (1966)
   La Verne M Shelton (Student)
   Douglas Green (1966)
   Daphne Green (1958)
   ARUNAGA Ms (Student)
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   Gary W. Brown (1962)
   Emma Chambers (1961)
   Earl Robinson Sr (1963)
   Rochelle Hinkle (Other)
   Jean Tinsley (Student)
   Carrie Bennett (1946)
   Betty Thornton (1965)
   Kathryn Butler (1957)
   Yolanda Glover (1962)
   Patricia Million (1962)
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   Amos Whittemore (1964)
   Delmar Thomas (1962)
   Carrie Bennett (1946)
   Shirley Dickerson (Other)
   Steven T Cheatum, Sr. (1961)
   Calvin Rudy (1960)
   James Smith (1951)
   Nora Jones (1962)
   Claude Livers (1953)
   Wanda Johnson (1962)

How do I become a featured profile on the home page?Previous Page

The featured profile on the home page is randomly chosen on the first of each month. Those registered who also have provided a current photo of themselves have the chance of getting chosen. Everyone that meet this criteria will be featured at some point. Everyone will be featured only once until everyone else has, then the cycle starts over.

Why should I provide my address?Previous Page

The number one reason sites that reunite people fail is because of old, out of date information. Someone registers, provides their current information, and may not ever visit the site or simply may never update their information, or even forget to. The purpose of submitting your home address is to attempt to keep data valid and up-to-date. A perfect example is if you change email addresses, and fail to update the website, your home address will serve as a secondary method of keeping your information updated. Another registered alumni can simply email the webmaster or whoever is in charge of data integrity, and a post card will be sent to the address that you provide so you know that someone wants to get in touch. Your phone number is another method of keeping you updated with our site. The information is never displayed on any part of the site and will never be made public or sold. There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

How do I change my password?Previous Page

Once you are logged on to the alumni website, simply click on "My Profile". You will see a series of menus. The second item, "Change Password", is your key to updating your password. You are asked first to enter your current password, for security reasons. Next, enter the new password. You must enter this password twice since you can't see what you are really typing, this opens doors for typing errors. So entering twice will verify that the password that you are entering is really what you want to change it to.

How do I upload my profile pictures?Previous Page

Click on "My Profile". You have the ability to upload two different pictures. Your school picture and your current picture. These links are labeled as "School Pic" and "Current Pic". Click on the picture you wish to upload. If you have a picture already uploaded, you are displayed the picture on file. Below is a file field in which you can select a picture from your PC. Keep in mind that pictures must be in JPG format and not any larger than 50K. Once you have your picture selected, click "Upload Picture". Depending on your internet connection speed, this can take anywhere from 2 seconds to 15 seconds. If the picture was uploaded successfully, a green lettered message will inform you. If the file was too large or an error was generated during the upload, you will be displayed a message in red lettering. picture.

Donating to the Cost of the WebsitePrevious Page

Donations are the best way to ensure that your alumni website will be around for years to come. Your alumni website works much like a magazine subscription. You pay for a years subscription and if you wish to continue the subscription, you pay for the subsequent years. The alumni website has several costs involved in order to make it a free service to you. Hosting, domain name registration, maintenance, and upgrades are all part of having a website. Donating is very easy, simply click on the 'Home' tab, then click 'Donate'. You can donate 1 of 2 ways: The first is PayPal, where you are redirected to a secure site where you can donate with a major credit card. Or you can donate by mailing a check or money order to Alumni City. Once the donation is received and processed, your name is automatically displayed on the donation page. If you wish to remain anonymous, let your website moderator know.

How do I change my email address?Previous Page

Click on the 'My Profile' tab. Scroll down to the email section and enter your new email address. Click 'Submit Form' and your email address is automatically updated. It's that easy.

How do I send a message to someone?Previous Page

To send someone on the website a message, go to the persons profile, and click 'Send [member name] a message'. The Message Center works much like a web based email system, where you enter the subject line, then your message. Click 'Submit' and the message will be placed in the members message Inbox. The alumni website will also inform the member that a message is available on the alumni website in their regular email Inbox. The Message Center was created for the members protection. Unfortunately, it is difficult to control who actually registers on the alumni website, but your email address is protected and never displayed on the alumni website. It is up to you whether or not you want someone registered to see your email address.

How do I post a message on the Message Board (Forums)?Previous Page

Click on the Forums tab. Click on the 'New Post' submenu. Enter your subject line and message, then click 'Submit Form'. The message is place on the top of the list on the first page of the Forums.

How do I reply to a message on the Message Board (Forums)?Previous Page

Click on the message you wish to reply to. Scroll to the bottom of the thread, and you will see the reply to this message section. Enter your reply and click 'Submit Form'. Your reply is automatically placed at the end of the thread.

What are the links posted under the Links tab?Previous Page

The links posted here are links that are relevant to your school, such as the schools website, the city in which the school is in website, the board of education website, etc.

What are the alumni links?Previous Page

The alumni links are personal web links to websites by registered alumni. These links are only displayed if the member provided a website in their profile.

What are the alumni links?Previous Page

To search for members on the alumni website, click the 'Search' tab. Afterwards, enter any search criteria you have. You have the ability to search by location, first name, last name, and/or graduation year. Partial entries are accepted (ie - a last name search on 'ma' will return 'Marcum', 'Wiseman', 'Thomas', etc. Anywhere the letters 'ma' appear. This works on first name and location as well.

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